The Democrats have moved their impeachment inquiry fiasco to the next level with their public testimonies.  These are the same witnesses that were hand-selected by the Democrats for “closed door” sessions with the goal of presenting to the public the most incriminating evidence for impeachment.  Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have actually “raised the bar” on their accusations and are now saying that the President has committed an act of extortion and/or bribery.  Like the conductor of an orchestra, Schiff is carefully conducting every minute of his symphony.  I did not waste any time watching the televised testimony knowing that the biased media would tell me what they thought I needed to know.  From what I have seen of the testimony there has been nothing of substance.  Everything in the testimony today was hearsay.  The Democrats proudly displayed their primary witness for the day, Bill Taylor.  I think the Democrats feel that the witness’s credentials somehow make him a more trustworthy observer.  Mr. Taylor is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and received a bronze star while serving in Vietnam.  Robert Mueller had a stellar record as a marine veteran and former head of the FBI.  His Russia probe was a total disaster however and made his Democratic backers look like fools.  Despite his outstanding record, Mr. Taylor did not speak with the President and therefore does not know why the military aid was temporarily withheld to the Ukraine.  He (Taylor) assumed that the aid was contingent on the launching of an investigation into the Bidens and Burissma.  Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the EU testified last week to essentially the same assumptions.  When Taylor initially texted Sondland regarding his concerns over the delay in aid, Sondland responded that there was no quid pro quo.  Sondland testified to that while under oath in his closed door sessions.  Once other witnesses contradicted Sondland’s testimony, he suddenly “remembered” the phone call in question.  Was that a simple memory lapse or was it perjury?  Perhaps the Democrats pressured him to say there was a quid pro quo.

One thing is certain, you can’t convict someone on hearsay alone.  There has been no firsthand knowledge or objective evidence to indicate that the President pressured Zelensky into investigating the Bidens.  The military aid flowed and no investigation was ever conducted (although it should have).  The Trump Administration has been a good ally of the Ukrainians, supplying military weapons, including anti-tank missiles.  Under the Obama Administration the Russians invaded the Crimea and annexed it without Obama doing anything to stop them.  Then when the Russians invaded the Ukraine, the Ukrainians bravely fought back.  Obama aid consisted of blankets and MREs (meals ready to eat).  The Obama Administration was cowardly in the face of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe but it was President Trump who provided real aid to the Ukrainians for survival.  Hopefully Republicans in the House and Senate will continue their steadfast support of this President who has been under continuous attack by the corrupt deep state.  The longer this unjust debacle continues the more the Dems are ensuring Trump’s second term.


Trump’s Budget

More on defense & security, less on social programs.

The Trump Administration released their budget proposal. As promised our President is wanting to increase spending on defense and homeland security. They have also suggested limiting growth in many social programs. Under the previous Administration food stamps, disability payments and welfare programs increased exponentially resulting in a doubling of our national deficit to some 20 trillion dollars (even with cuts in defense). Chuck Schumer is screaming bloody murder and will no doubt depict Republicans as heartless. Our society has become one of entitlements and dependency. The Dems are relying on government dependency to remain in power and expand the Democratic base. Have we learned nothing from the events in Venezuela? How long can the burden of an entitlement society be borne by the working taxpayer? We are taking a long walk off a short pier. Many Republicans are reluctant to support such efforts fearing loss of voter support. We elected a president with courage, but we still have a Congress of cowards. Remember the parable, “Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.” Handouts are not helpful long term.


The Purge 2021

To no one’s surprise President Trump was impeached for the second time by a Democratic House out to destroy the most powerful Republican since Ronald Reagan. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is out to completely eradicate the President and his followers. Joining her in the effort are their allies in the media, Big Tech and major corporations. Even the banks are blacklisting anyone associated with Donald Trump or his administration. In an earlier post I predicted that a Biden victory would result in retribution against Trump supporters. It appears the Capitol Hill riot was a convenient excuse to reinstitute McCarthyism whereby individuals can be singled out as enemies of the state. Like the hunt to find communists in the ’50s the Dems are hunting down Trump supporters and doing their best to destroy them politically and financially. Many of those who were at the Washington rally, whether or not they participated in any of the riotous behavior, were fired from their jobs. It is discrimination (and therefore illegal) to hire or fire someone based on their political affiliation and companies that do so are opening themselves up to lawsuits. Nancy Pelosi and others are pushing for those at the rally to be placed on the “no fly” list as domestic terrorists. Numerous major corporations have announced that they will stop donating to the 148 House members and the eight Senators who objected to the certification of the electoral college vote. This is a knee-jerk reaction to a dreadful event by a bunch of misguided radicals. I am among the 80% of Trump voters (some 75 million) who believe that the presidential election was not legitimate and much of his support (if not all) is still intact. The bullying tactics of the Left will divide the nation even further. I have seen no indication from the president-elect that he is serious about unifying the country. If he is serious about healing the nation, he better start acting the part.

President Trump did not promote violence in his January 6 speech; he encouraged “peaceful” protest. Those intent on violence were planning to do so for some time. Washington police chose to ignore the warning signs and failed to ask for additional security. A show of force (such as we see now at the Capitol) would most likely have deterred any misbehavior. Where was all this concern for security during the summer of riots when cities were being destroyed and businesses burned to the ground? When the Senate holds their trial they will be hard-pressed to prove the President’s speech caused the actions that took place shortly thereafter. There is no justification for the actions that took place on January 6, but it suggests an extreme level of frustration with legislators. With an 11% approval rating Congress is definitely out of touch with the average voter. The attacks on Donald Trump and his followers will further divide the country and will come back to bite the Democrats in the mid-terms and in 2024. Democrats are self-serving with little concern for average Americans. Donald Trump’s success was from his ability to speak for and fight for the forgotten voter. He became the champion of the working class and will remain their champion. The more the elitist Big Tech and corporations attack Trump, the more his followers will back him. It is a grave mistake to penalize Trump supporters if you want reconciliation and unity.

So Much for Unity

Joe Biden was elected on the promise of uniting the country but every time he opens his mouth the words he utters are contemptuous and divisive. In the immediate aftermath of the assault on the Capitol the president-elect accused the Capitol police of racism. That was in light of the fact that an unarmed female Trump supporter was shot and killed. The behavior of a few has led to banishment of the President from Twitter, Facebook and a number of other sites. Nancy Pelosi is calling for the President to be impeached for a second time and were this ancient Rome, Trump would be thrown to the lions with the Democrats clamoring for his blood. Biden has done nothing to calm the political turbulence and if anything is agitating an already tenuous situation. If there is a trial in the Senate, Biden’s agenda of tax increases and stimulus packages will be delayed. The more moderate Democrats in the Senate may ultimately prove to be the firewall against the socialist policies of the “squad” and other progressives. Biden has actually shown himself to be vindictive toward the President and his followers. During the campaign he referred to them as “chumps” and Hillary called them “deplorables.” The Tech Sector is out to destroy Parler and other conservatives by blocking and deleting accounts. In another recent speech Biden called Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley Nazis for challenging the certification of the electoral vote in the Senate. Unwilling to let a crisis go to waste, Pelosi wants the Senators to resign. Barring that they have an alternate plan to remove them under the 14th Amendment, Speaker Pelosi and Congresswoman Cori Bush are calling for those who supported the Trump narrative of a “stolen” election be removed from the House and Senate.  Pelosi wishes to invoke Section 3 of the 14th Amendment that specifically states that “No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such lawmakers.” Pelosi also wants the Senators placed on the government’s “no fly” list as potential terrorists. These Senators did nothing to encourage the behavior that took place on January 6 and should neither be removed from office nor be placed on the “no fly” list. The Senators were expressing legitimate concern over obvious voter fraud that was being largely ignored by the media and the courts.

The President received nearly 75 million votes in the presidential election and a large percentage of those voters believe the election was “rigged.” The size of the January 6 rally was an indication of the support and frustration of the President’s supporters. The vast majority of Trump supporters are law-abiding Americans who respect authority and federal property. The riotous behavior was led by a fringe element and does not the typical Trump supporter, the party or the President. If Biden wanted unity and peace he would authorize an investigation of the states in which Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell found voter fraud. The courts refused to examine the hundreds of sworn affidavits and other evidence gathered by Giuliani and the rest of his team. The federal government managed to spend nearly 3 years and $30 million on a phony story of Russia collusion after the 2016 election but is now unwilling to address witnessed voter fraud in swing states that decided the election. Once sworn into office, Joe Biden had better adjust his attitude to the opposition party if he wishes for there to be unity and cooperation. The approach he is displaying now offers little chance of bringing the two parties together, much less the nation as a whole.

Impeachment 2.0

Nancy Pelosi plans to introduce before Congress article(s) of impeachment tomorrow (January 11) against President Trump. With only nine days remaining in his term of office it would seem to be an unnecessary effort. The current Speaker has proven to be self-serving and vindictive. Her goal is total humiliation of one of the strongest presidents in history. He accomplished more in 4 years than any other president in memory in 8 years. Since the media hates him, however history books will likely treat him unfairly as have many others. Ms. Pelosi led the movement to impeach Trump the first time and immediately seized on the riot at the Capitol as an opportunity to impeach him a second time. With a majority in the House Dems can use any excuse (or none at all)to “remove” the President. Many within the Republican party are equally upset with the events that took place on January 6 and Speaker Pelosi will have no problem obtaining the votes for impeachment in the House. The goal of impeachment is removal from office (in this case the President). Even if the House succeeds in impeaching the President, a Senate trial will not take place before January 20 making the entire stunt meaningless. Pelosi believes if the President is impeached for a second time that he would be disqualified from running for president in 2024. There are many within the Republican party who would like to eliminate Donald Trump as a competitor for the 2024 nomination. The GOP owes Mr. Trump a debt of gratitude for pumping new life into a dull party and remade it into the party of the working class. Donald Trump had something not typically found in Republican politicians, fortitude and a willingness to fight. Trump had to fight the past five years for survival and many of his political “friends” have now abandoned him. Those same friends are now hoping Trump is not a viable candidate in 2024 but after the past five years I wouldn’t count him out.

The Democrats (and many Republicans) have accused the President of inciting a riot. Online “chatter” revealed that radical groups were planning this sort of action weeks (perhaps months) in advance of the D.C. rally. Critics are now saying the D.C. police were negligent and should have increased security for the rally knowing there would be trouble. I listened to the President’s speech and it sounded much like a typical Trump rally. I was shocked to see many in the crowd storm the Capitol and didn’t feel the President “incited” a riot. Photos of those inside the Capitol revealed some carrying zip ties and various weapons, not something that you would bring to a simple rally. The common definition of inciting a riot is organizing, promoting, urging or participating in violent activity. That does not include the oral or written advocacy of ideas suggesting or instigating other persons to riot. If we read a book written by Karl Marx and decide to riot, we can’t blame Marx for our behavior. We are still responsible for our actions. It is difficult to limit who attends rallies and there were probably extremists in attendance who were intent on causing trouble. Americans are promised that peaceful change comes through the ballot box. When voters feel elections are rigged and their vote no longer counts, they may feel the need to turn violent. When the federal government spent 3 years and $30 million to investigate the 2016 election, they could have devoted some effort to investigating this election. I am among the 70 million+ Trump voters who feel cheated; if this election had been properly investigated the government could have gained back voter trust. No politician will be safe from removal unless we get election reform!

Full Speed Ahead

President elect Joe Biden has stated he plans to release all the COVID-19 vaccine in storage immediately for distribution once he is inaugurated on January 20. The Trump administration had been holding a portion of the vaccine back for the second dose since both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines consist of two doses each. So if the federal government had 100 million doses total of vaccine, that was sufficient enough to vaccinate 50 million Americans. The idea of “flooding” the country with remaining supplies of the vaccine on hand may sound like an excellent idea on face value, but it could be fraught with problems. Storage has always been an issue with the Pfizer vaccine since it must be stored at such ultracold temperatures (-90 F). Once thawed both vaccines must be used within a given timeframe (generally 30 days). If communities are not adequately prepared to dispense the vaccine within that window, this valuable resource would be wasted. An estimated 3.5 million Americans have been vaccinated thus far when original estimates were that 20 million would have been vaccinated by now. This can be partially explained by the fact that federal and state guidelines are recommending a stepwise vaccination approach. Only after one group has been immunized will the vaccines be given to the next group. A “first come, first served” approach would immediately reach more individuals but would create long lines and the potential for chaos. When it came to vaccinating nursing home residents, equipment, medication and personnel had to be dispatched and setup on site before any injections could be given. Reaching all healthcare and nursing home patients was probably the most time-consuming portion of the entire immunization process.

The other concern with releasing all the vaccine now is assuring that there will be sufficient vaccine available for second doses of the same vaccine. Some suggest that if vaccine supplies run low (due to administering more 1st doses to novel patients) we could increase the interval between the 1st and 2nd dose of the vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend going beyond the between dose interval that was used in the vaccine studies. In the Pfizer study it was 3 weeks, for the Moderna study it was 4 weeks. The FDA also does not recommend switching vaccines (1st dose of one vaccine and 2nd dose of the other vaccine). With two more vaccine candidates coming on scene soon, it makes more sense to fully immunize a portion of the most vulnerable population and allow the rest to wait for more vaccine availability. Joe Biden couldn’t resist the urge to criticize President Trump and his administration for the slow process to this point. Mr. Biden is fortunate to be entering his presidency at the point where the most difficult “bugs” have been worked out. Biden will also benefit from the fact that (unless there are major issues) two more vaccines will soon be receiving Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) by the FDA. It wasn’t long ago that we were worried about public acceptance of a vaccine. Now we are concerned about having enough vaccine to meet the demand!

A Nation Divided

Joe Biden ran on a promise to unite the country and he successfully sold that message to the American people in the November presidential election. Although he has yet to be inaugurated we don’t seem to be hearing a unifying message from the president-elect. I expect wild allegations and divisive speech out of talk show hosts (such as those on the View) but not from our president-elect. Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made public statements yesterday implying that police responded differently to the Capitol Hill rioters than they would if these would have been BLM protestors. Michelle Obama issued a similar statement implying that the police reaction was racially driven. Security at the Capitol was grossly undermanned and unprepared for the aggressiveness of the crowd. The Washington police, however were wearing riot gear and could be seen dispersing tear gas in an attempt to control the crowd. I saw no significant difference in this response compared to the Washington violence by Antifa and BLM this summer. Sixty people were arrested in the Capitol Hill violence (more than were arrested during the summer violence) and more will follow once they have identified many of the intruders through surveillance. Five people died from the events on Capitol Hill, more than in the summer protests. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser is already using the recent violence as a call for D.C. statehood. She sees that as a solution to her inadequate police response.

Lawlessness is never to be condoned regardless of the cause. We can’t allow prosecutors to apply bail free rules for “non-violent” offenses where criminals are simply “booked” and put back on the street to re-offend. Such policies endanger everyone in the community. Police are trained to react to a threat in a specific manner. Threat response may change based on whether or not an individual is armed and the type of armament, but it DOES NOT change based on skin color. American society is not perfect (including the police) but we have come a long way toward equal treatment of all Americans. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions on any police action before having all the facts. President Obama created unnecessary racial tensions by frequently making race an issue in situations where it might have had no bearing. I hope Mr. Biden won’t continue down the same path. We can’t be united as Americans if we allow race to act as a wedge that divides us as a people. We can celebrate our individual cultural and racial uniqueness but must all work together for the betterment of our nation. To quote Patrick Henry, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Capitol Offense

The world witnessed a disgraceful display of lawlessness by a large crowd of Trump supporters at our nation’s capitol building. The President gave a long, impassioned speech outlining the numerous voting irregularities that took place during the November presidential election. Some of the irregularities included twice the number of votes cast as voters in the district, dead voters casting a vote and votes being made by people who have moved from the state. The media repeatedly stated that the Trump legal team found “no substantiated evidence” of fraud. The fact that thousands of votes suddenly appeared in the wee morning hours that were nearly 100% for Biden was also ignored by the media. The courts refuse to accept any of the Trump fraud lawsuits cases so evidence obtained could not even be presented for adjudication. There is no justice when courts will not even look at the merits of a case. President Trump hasn’t been treated fairly by the media or anyone in Washington for the past five years. He and his family have been attacked like no other president in my lifetime. Despite this he has a loyal following like no other president that I can recall. Working class Americans believe that Trump fought for them and some of them probably felt as if this was their time to fight for him. I don’t condone the assault on the Capitol if his supporters were totally responsible for the assault. Trump supporters have always been strong promoters of law & order and I have never seen his rallies become violent. Security cameras will soon identify those involved and whether there were instigators behind the violence. Some believe there were “professional” rioters dispersed among the crowd who were intent on causing problems. These “rioters” were possibly involved in other large-scale violence in places such as Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, New York and other cities. Three explosive devices were found around the Capitol suggesting this was likely more than a simple riot. Hopefully we will learn more about the incident over time. Sadly four people lost their lives during the chaos including an unarmed, female Air Force veteran. Because this action was “Trump-inspired” the media is describing the event in the strongest of anti-Trump terms. They (media) are promoting the idea of invoking the 25th amendment and removing the President from office with only two weeks remaining in his term. The events of yesterday were also frightening from a national security standpoint; our enemies must be delighted seeing how easy it was to “capture” the Capitol.

President Trump damaged his party and ruined his chances for another run at the presidency in 2024. For all the accomplishments that he has achieved in his four years of office, this single event cancelled out everything in the minds of many. If Congress does not address the numerous deficiencies in our voting system, events like the one that took place yesterday could be repeated. The ability to trust that our elections are fair and honest is essential to the continuation of our democracy. Without it we are no better than some third world dictatorship. Voter rolls must be updated regularly, especially before each presidential election. Voter ID must be enforced when voting in person. Voter registration should include a mandatory voter ID to be used at polling places. These should be provided free of charge so no one can claim identification discriminates against the poor. Absentee ballots MUST be requested and signature verification included upon submission. Enforcing these standards are NOT infringing on anyone’s civil rights or freedoms. If you believe in fair elections this is common sense!

Nothing Has Changed

The Republicans were hoping to hold onto the two Senate seats in the Georgia runoff elections yesterday. The once solidly “red” state can no longer be counted on to deliver elections for the conservative, Republican candidate. Southern states have become magnets for those wishing to relocate from mostly northern states. As a result, these states are becoming a blend of liberal and conservative philosophies. Climate is a big reason for northern migration but other reasons include lower taxes, cost of living and often more job availability in a “right to work” environment. Many auto manufacturers have built assembly plants in southern states where operating costs are lower. Southern states have also become popular “retirement” locales for many of the aforementioned reasons. I could have predicted the outcome of Georgia’s runoff elections, expecting them to follow the same shady path that the November 3 presidential election took. Nothing had changed from the obvious corruption that took place leading up to and on the night of November 3. The expansion of voting by mail along with the elimination of signature verification guarantees voter fraud. When attempts were made to purge voters rolls of individuals who had moved from the state, Stacy Abrams sister (who happens to be a district judge) ruled against the move. This is an obvious conflict of interest and the judge should have recused herself from the case. As we all know, the Democrats do not follow the same ethical standards that Republicans generally expect. I have said previously, that Democrats believe in the motto: Winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing!

There should have been a special investigation of the presidential election in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. There was evidence of significant fraud in each of these states and my belief is the President won each of them. Late on the evening of Nov 3 he led in each of them before Biden votes mysteriously appeared. Only one court was even willing to listen to Trump’s legal team out of the countless lawsuits filed. Our judicial system has become a tool of the Democratic party, much like the media. We are now no better than Russia or China where the government rules all the news sources. Average Americans believed that Trump was “their” president, and his supporters were the “deplorables” as described by Hillary Clinton. The media and Washington politicians despised Trump and did everything in their power to destroy him. He did put America first and restored pride in our flag and our military. Despite all the obstacles, he did more to restore America in four years than most presidents in eight years. If the Trump haters thought they were through with “the Donald” they have another thought coming!

Vaccine Crisis

In the final days of vaccine testing there was genuine concern among medical authorities that the vaccines would be poorly accepted by the American public. High profile public figures and Democratic politicians were spreading distrust in the “Trump vaccine.” These vaccines were formulated and tested in a fraction of the time that any previous vaccine had ever been developed. Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reassurances public skepticism remained high. The past several days have seen demand for the vaccine exceeding the supply in most localities. For a variety of reasons distribution has not gone as smoothly as anticipated and production of the vaccine has also not kept up with the demand. We know Pfizer shipped large quantities of their vaccine to other countries and have been in prolonged negotiations with the federal government over the production of additional U.S. supplies. The sudden public embracement of the two vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) has likely been prompted by the dramatic rise in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. In many areas of the country there are few (and in some cases zero) available ICU beds. Hospitals are creating makeshift ICUs in gift shops, conference rooms and other areas. Some have established “MASH” tents in parking lots to triage and treat patients. The fact that we now have a new, more contagious strain of the virus has only heightened the anxiety of most Americans. President-elect Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci are even discussing imposing another lockdown.

Two options are being discussed as ways to stretch the existing supplies of vaccines on hand. Operation Warp Speed’s (OWS) Moncef Slaoui said that the government is considering administering half the dose to individuals between the ages of 18-55 for both of the two-dose regimen and reserving the full dose for those over age 55. Slaoui stated that Moderna demonstrated in their trials that half the dose produced the same immune response as the full dose in this age group. The proposal is being discussed with Moderna and no decision has been made at this point. The other option being considered is to administer the initial dose of the vaccine to as many people as possible and delay the second dose until more supplies of the vaccine are available. The U.K. is already planning to enact such a policy, stretching the interval between the two doses of vaccine to as long as 12 weeks. The Pfizer vaccine was not tested in such a manner and their response to this proposal was the following: “There are no data to demonstrate that protection after the first dose is sustained after 21 days.” We do know from the Pfizer phase 3 data that a single dose was 52% effective in preventing infection whereas effectiveness rose to 95% after the second dose. Now that we have taken care of first responders and healthcare providers, I believe we should concentrate on those 65 and above and those with conditions that would increase their risk of serious infection or death. Younger age groups should follow recommended precautions of handwashing, social distancing and facial coverings until vaccine supplies are more abundant and additional vaccines that are currently in phase 3 trials are approved.

Joe The Authority

After spending five decades in the Senate, few Americans can name any “Biden achievements” during his lifetime of government employment. He is the consummate Washington politician who knows how to “work” the system to enrich himself and his family. The media covered up for the family until the election was over and even now simply address the multiple investigations into son Hunter as “tax affairs” investigations. Why would the federal government conduct an investigation into simple tax fraud for over two years? Mr. Biden did not receive his party’s nomination because of his many accomplishments, but rather because he was a typical, non-controversial Washington politician who was capable of conforming to whatever position was needed to get elected. Biden won the presidential election campaigning from his basement because he had nothing to do with his own victory. The forces that were controlling the ultimate results were already set in motion and Mr. Biden was along for the ride! Now that he is president-elect, Mr. Biden believes himself to be an authority on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In his rare appearances Mr. Biden could never resist taking shots at the President’s handling of the pandemic, yet Biden’s plans sound remarkably similar to the President’s plans. Mr. Biden originally opposed halting flights from China and called the President a racist for doing so at the time. One stark difference is that Mr. Biden proposes a 100 day national “mask mandate” and was critical of the President for not issuing a similar mandate. Mask mandates are unconstitutional and although they are helpful masks are not the complete answer, particularly when not worn properly. I often see individuals with masks only covering their mouth and chin, leaving an exposed nose. Specimens for COVID-19 are taken from the nose because it is a reservoir for the virus and contains many ACE2 receptors for viral entry. You may as well not wear a mask at all if not covering the nose. Many people who test positive for the virus verify that they wear masks either all the time or most of the time. Simple masks do NOT protect you against the virus; only an N95 medical-grade mask is truly effective in blocking the virus. Avoiding indoor (and outdoor) crowds, frequent hand washing and maintaining social distancing are more effective in preventing infection than wearing a simple mask. Don’t focus on masks and forget about other defensive measures!

Mr. Biden now is highly critical of President Trump for not reaching his goal of vaccinating 20 million Americans by the end of the year. The Pfizer vaccine has been shipped primarily to major medical centers where the proper ultra-cold storage freezers are available. The Moderna vaccine is being more widely distributed to local health departments. It was up to the states to submit their requests to the Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) regarding the number of doses they would require. The President left the final distribution and administration of the vaccine in the hands of state and local health authorities. Local health officials are best suited to determine the needs of each community. There was universal agreement that first responders and frontline healthcare workers should be the first to receive the vaccine, followed by nursing home residents. This phase of vaccination was delayed due to the extremely high hospital census. Precious time could be spared from patient care for vaccinations. Once healthcare personnel are vaccinated we can expect the process to move more expeditiously. The federal advisory panel of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made recommendations to serve as the guide for who should receive the vaccine moving forward. Individual state health departments may choose their own vaccine priorities however. Senator Mitt Romney was critical of the President for not having a federal vaccination plan that could be shared with every state. Each state is vastly different and should be able to decide their own priorities. The federal government, in cooperation with the private sector, was instrumental in developing multiple vaccines in record time. In general, however, the less the federal government is involved in any project, the better.

Dept of Injustice

In his last days as Attorney General, Bill Barr made two statements that destroyed his reputation as a tough but fair AG. The first bad decision was over his public statement that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had not found enough instances of voter fraud to overturn the election results. No one on President Trump’s own voter fraud investigative team was aware of ANY efforts by DOJ officials to uncover voter fraud. At the same time Trump’s team discovered a treasure trove of activities to assure a Biden victory in battleground states. Trump’s own team found a number of coordinated fraudulent voting schemes across several key states. The evidence presented by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell at a public news conference appeared so compelling that it begs for a thorough investigation by the DOJ or perhaps a special prosecutor. The bogus Russia collusion initiated a special prosecutor based on flimsier evidence than that gathered by Giuliani and Powell. Our right to free and fair elections is one of our most cherished freedoms. Rigged elections are thought to be found only in third world countries not in the most “advanced” country in the world. The fact that the DOJ and the Supreme Court (save Justice Thomas & Alito) is afraid to look at the evidence for fear of riots, suggests that we ARE NOT the most advance country in the world. We can’t be held hostage to rioters. Right is right and wrong is wrong; if the election was stolen, then the results should be given to the rightful winner.

Bill Barr’s final mistake was saying he saw no need for a special investigation of Hunter Biden. This is the president-elect’s son and therefore the ultimate conflict of interest. There will be NO fair investigation of Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family under a Biden administration. You can assume the entire investigation will be stopped and Hunter will be completely exonerated once Joe takes office. As with the election fraud, the issue of family name influencing foreign nation business deals and what was expected of Joe Biden in return begs for a special prosecutor. The ONLY way we will know how involved Joe Biden was with his son’s business activities in the Ukraine and China is with a special prosecutor. This is a matter of national security since China is now our chief national security threat. Hunter (and likely Joe) can be blackmailed for business deals and possibly other types of deals. Rudy Giuliani knows what is on Hunter’s laptop hard drive and so do the Chinese. I once thought Bill Barr must be doing a good job because the media and Democrats were highly critical of him. Unfortunately now President Trump and the Republicans are critical as well. Add my name to that list!