Despicable Media

The Left and their compatriots, the media, has stooped to new lows.  Kathy Griffin, an employee of CNN posted a video of what appears to be a decapitated President Trump covered in blood.  Now she has gone on the air (after the fact) and apologized for her actions.  This behavior is inexcusable by any measure of civility.  Ms Griffin knew that her video was going to be interpreted with disdain.  She even joked about moving to Mexico to avoid jail time.  In my opinion, jail would be too good for this disgusting behavior.

American society can no longer be considered a refined, cultured society when media personalities feel free to perform these horrendous acts.  As Donald Trump himself tweeted, what is his young son supposed to think when he views this video.  Shame on Kathy Griffin and on a media that believes that this is political satire.  I can only imagine the hate-filled language that would have been directed against anyone doing this to Barack Obama.  As much as I disliked the previous president, I would have never entertained such a thought, much less an action such as this.

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