Press Beating

I watched Sean Spicer today at the Administration’s regular press briefing.  I feel a more appropriate description of these gatherings is a “press beating.”  Whether it is Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders or some other Administration official, the press approaches the opportunity as an assault on the President.  I never hear positive comments come from the press corps, only repetitive “gotcha” questions that attempt to embarrass the Administration and put the speaker on the defensive.  How many times can you ask the same question, with some minor variation?  I think the FBI or CIA could learn some interrogation techniques from the press.

I noticed that Sean Spicer took the “turtle” approach where he retreated into the safety of his shell by not answering most questions directly.  Instead he deferred to the State Department or the President himself.  I can’t blame him both he and Sarah Huckabee have been roasted for answers that didn’t agree with statements by the President.  These public floggings need to end and perhaps the President can give weekly or bi-weekly statements.  The press seems intent on printing innuendo and unsubstantiated leaks anyway.  Such headlines bring more attention and better ratings than the truth.  Truth has been a casualty of the recent the modern media.  They are intent on bringing down a president who was elected by the average American.  Attacking this president is an attack on Middle America and will ultimately backfire on liberals everywhere.  “Don’t tread on me” is not just a military motto but is a basic premise of our founding fathers.

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