The Sky is Falling

The environmentalists and hysterical liberals are acting as if the world will end tomorrow now that we have withdrawn from the Paris Accord.  First of all this was a “voluntary” agreement that made no provision for monitoring or enforcement.  China and India were exempt for over a decade from complying with emission standards.  Russia had already pulled out prior to Trump’s decision and this was not the first U.S. President to reject such an agreement.  George W. Bush backed out of the 1997 Kyoto protocol after taking office in 2001.  President Bush cited similar concerns as President Trump for his actions.

As a nation we have made great strides in clean air and water, even before the Paris Accord.  We all inhabit the same earth and it is in the best interests of everyone to protect and safeguard its resources.  We may be in an earth warming cycle, but it is unclear what impact man has had on that and how limiting CO2 emissions will alter that cycle.  There are too many interacting elements in the earth’s climate to accurately predict the future.  Ocean currents, sunspot variations, volcanic activity and plant life are only a few of the factors that could throw a wrench into the most intuitive climate calculations.   Climatologists have made dire earth predictions for decades.

Paris Accord or not, we will continue to develop renewable energy knowing that the earth’s supply of non-renewables is not inexaustible.  We don’t need the world to tell us the best path for our future.   The sky isn’t falling so the liberals and media need to chill out!


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