Poll Propaganda

The media loves to produce statistics that make it appear that President Trump is unpopular and failing the American people.  They are saying recent polls reveal that the President is losing support among military families.  Not since Ronald Reagan has a president been as supportive of active duty and veterans.  How do you think Hillary Clinton would have rated among military families had she won the election?  Military families, like the public in general, are continuously bombarded with negative stories about the President.   I can’t recall a single story that presents a favorable attitude toward the President.  The first act of an illegitimate government is to control what the public hears.  The illegitimate Left has taken over the media and is distorting the news.  When the same propaganda is heard repeatedly the average person will begin to accept it as truth.  There is so much bias in the media that I doubt people are being truthful with pollsters.  Just as before the election, people will not admit that they support our President for fear of ridicule.

Donald Trump has been keeping his promises to the American people and I believe his popularity among “blue collar America” is strong.  I fear that the selfish personal battles being waged against the President will stall his agenda and hurt the very people our government is supposed to represent.

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