D-Day Disrespect

I watched the news this morning and was disappointed that I did not see or hear any mention of the fact that 73 yrs ago, thousands of allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy.  This single day marked the beginning of the end for Adolph Hitler and the tyranny he imposed on Europe.  The loss of life that day (and subsequent days) was staggering as brave soldiers raced to near-certain death.  The Germans were entrenched in heavily fortified bunkers and the beaches were littered with impediments.  The Germans had the high ground and rained hellfire on anyone on the beach.  One need only watch the first minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” to get some concept of what that day was like for our soldiers.

Many of those who perished were still in their teens and never had the opportunity to experience the fullness of life.  Were it not for these brave individuals the course of history would have likely been much different.  When you compare such heroic action to today’s college campuses where students seek “safe spaces” from offensive words or elections results they can’t accept.  Thank God we still have men and women willing to come forward and serve America in our armed services.  Freedom isn’t free and there are many enemies ready to threaten the freedoms we hold sacred.

I call on those of us who love our nation to proudly fly the flag.  No HOA (homeowners association) should ever be able to take down our symbol of freedom.  The flag honors all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our sovereignty.  This is the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave! Let us all remember June 6 as a day to recognize valor at its finest.

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