Reap What You Sow

Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.  They willingly fund and arm terrorist organizations and have now allied themselves with the Russians in the Middle East.  Iranians are now supposedly fighting the terrorist group ISIS in Syria.  The truth is more likely that they are fighting the rebels attempting to overthrow Assad.  Seems the Russians have a vested interest in keeping Assad in power.  In a strange turn of events ISIS has claimed credit for two terrorist attacks in Iran.  This is the first such admitted attacks in Iran since the rise of ISIS.  There is civilian unrest within Iran but the explanation for these incidents may be sectarian in nature.

The two main Islamic sects are Sunni and Shiite.  The two groups have been at odds since the death of Mohammed about 1400 yrs ago.  Much of the Middle East is divided upon sectarian lines with Iran being the largest nation of Shiite Muslims.  Saudi Arabia and much of the rest of the Middle East is Sunni.  Shiites outnumbered Sunnis in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion, but the country was ruled by a Sunni (Saddam Hussein).  Aftr Saddam’s death the minority Sunnis became disenfranchised and formed the terrorist group known as ISIS.  So it makes sense that Shiite Iran would be willing to fight the ISIS Sunnis.  In turn ISIS is now willing to terrorize Iranian Shiites.  So the hunter becomes the hunted or to put it another way, if one lives by the sword you can expect to die by the sword.

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