Cowardly Comey

The Comey testimony before the Senate Investigation Committee yesterday will be viewed differently depending on your political leanings.  An indisputable fact of the televised event is that James Comey is a coward.  As the top nation police agency, the FBI is supposed to be independent of any political influence, concerned ONLY with “justice under the law.”  The former FBI Director lacked the courage to stand up to Loretta Lynch when instructed to refer to the Clinton email investigation as the Clinton “matter.”  Then President Trump said he “hoped” Comey would “let it go” in the investigation of General Flynn.  In both instances the FBI Director failed to speak up or notify any other authorities to possible wrong doing.  Apparently Comey was concerned that he could lose his position as Director.   In yet another act of cowardice Mr. Comey “leaked” his personal memos to the New York Times through a third party.  Done as an act of revenge, he could be subject to legal ramifications if these memos were considered official government documents.

In his opening statements before the Committee Comey stated that the President lied when Trump said he (Comey) had lost the confidence of FBI members.  There was significant frustration within the FBI after investigators had uncovered extensive evidence of  the Secretary of State illegally storing classified material on a personal, unsecured server.  Despite the mountain of evidence incriminating Mrs. Clinton, the Director did not recommend indictment.  This single failure to indict Hillary Clinton destroyed the Director’s credibility and integrity.  After this unbelievable omission of justice the Director was living on borrowed time.  The ill-advised removal of Comey during the Russia Investigation made it appear that the President was trying to interfere with the probe.  If anyone was paying attention, Mr. Comey put to rest the media’s contention that Trump was under investigation for collusion.  Despite this reassurance, I doubt the media or the Dems will stop their insistence that the President is in bed with the Russians.

If you are looking for winners and losers from yesterday’s testimony:  winner – President Trump, losers – James Comey and Loretta Lynch.  The media reminds me of a dog chasing its tail.  They will never catch what they are looking for, but are unwilling to stop!

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