Real Life Matters

It took a shooter targeting Congressman on a baseball practice field to refocus Congress and the nation on real priorities.  The nation has been terribly divided over the past several years.  Congress is guilty of fueling the division with their outright partisanship in a town known for political hatred and back stabbing.  This charitable, inter-congressional game was to be one of the few non-partisan activities within Congress.  When shots rang out, it was unimportant whether your allegiance was to the Democratic or Republican party.  Human life isn’t measured by party affiliation, race or any other characteristic.  Military members who have seen combat will profess that we are all brothers on the battlefield.  When life and limb is at stake, political issues are inconsequential.  Reports are the shooter asked if players on the field were Democrats or Republicans.  The fact that these were Republicans may have some significance, but human life is all that matters.

I have stated on several occasions that I believed it would take a world crisis to unite us as Americans.  This isn’t a world crisis but it is an awakening to everyone on the value of life, all life.  As Americans there is more that unites us than divides us.  We may have differences of opinion, but we all cherish our freedoms and life itself.  We can and must work together and help each other.  United we stand and divided we fall.

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