Time for Change

Will today’s incident in Washington, D.C. be a wakeup call, particularly to the Left, to tone down all the harsh language in Congress?  It is truly unfortunate what took place with the assault on Republican House members but it is not surprising.  The DNC Chairman and others in the Democratic party use profanity-laced attacks on the President and other Republicans.  What kind of example is this setting for the average citizen?  People have a right to be disappointed with the election results, but to suggest that violence is an appropriate way to display that disappointment is totally irresponsible and unacceptable.  The media is complicit in today’s violence.  They capitalize on riots disguised as protests, a Central Park play that shows a character dressed to look like the President being stabbed and images of our President decapitated.  The Central Park play is referred to as “art” and paid for with taxpayer dollars.  The disgusting activities of the Left receive minimal to no abhorrence from major news sources.  Thank God Kathy Griffin lost her position at CNN but I’m sure she will find work at some other liberal news outlet.

The media has created a hateful environment where conservative speakers are banned from college campuses and commencement exercises.  Conservative students are afraid to express their political views over threats of physical harm.  Instead of presenting these stories as inappropriate in a civilized society they often blame Trump for this type of behavior.  There is NO excuse for these acts and violence only begets further violence.  Despite the sudden expressions of remorse, I’m skeptical that anything will (can) change in Washington or the media.  The media will still focus on unsubstantiated claims that place Trump and the Republicans in negative terms.  If the media and liberal Dems want to know what is responsible for the rise in violence in America, they need only look in the mirror!

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