Missing the Point

While Comey’s buddy is investigating everything about Trump and his family over unsubstantiated leaks, the Congress and DOJ are overlooking the criminal acts of Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch.  Trump is correct that this entire investigative process is a witch hunt where a biased special counsel is casting a broad net to find any wrongdoing in the Trump Administration and family.  Just how fair do you expect this “investigation” to be when Mueller trained Comey and they worked together for years?  Then Mueller hires 13 high-profile (Democratic donor) lawyers to assist him in his efforts.  This is totally unfair because they don’t even know what they are looking for.  As for Clinton and Lynch the evidence has already been presented by James Comey.  The only voices speaking out against these two is coming from Fox News and not Congress.

Clinton broke numerous laws by keeping her own unsecured server and storing classified material on it.  This is not even mentioning all her dealings with Russia as Secretary of State, including handing the Russians 20% of our uranium supplies.  This isn’t just a crime against the United States, but a crime against humanity.  This sounds more like collusion than anything Trump could possibly have done.  And how about Bill Clinton being paid $500,000 a speech from the Russians.  Do you not think there is something wrong with this picture?  Loretta Lynch definitely obstructed justice when she instructed Comey to call the Clinton investigation a “matter.”  Comey is such a spineless lap dog that he agreed to this obvious unethical (if not illegal) request.  The entire wasteful taxpayer funded investigation could be ended quickly by going after the real criminals in our government.  This is the most blatant example that justice is NOT equal under the law.

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