Comey Payoff?

Former FBI Director James Comey was seen entering the New York Times Building yesterday.  He was then seen leaving the building some 3 hours later.  Was he there to pick up his paycheck for leaking information through a 3rd party to the Times?  Or was he there to drop off more “leaks” of sensitive information?  The only individual or organization that sickens me more than Comey is the New York Times.  Correct me if wrong, but the FBI Director is supposed to be apolitical, interested in criminal acts and national security issues.  The FBI is concerned with investigating crime, regardless of who is involved or where the trail of crime leads.  The actions of James Comey tarnished the organization he represented and those who work for it.  In his testimony Comey accused the President of lying when Trump stated the FBI was in disarray.  He also believed himself to be very well-liked and popular among agents.  That is a tough pill for me to swallow when you consider the Clinton email controversy.

FBI agents amassed a mountain of evidence on the illegal activities of the former Secretary of State.  She broke numerous laws, not to mention placing our national security at grave risk.  Clinton should have and would have been prosecuted had Loretta Lynch and James Comey not conspired to let her off the hook.  I would be willing to bet money that most of his agents had lost confidence in Comey prior to his firing.  Comey tainted the reputation of the entire FBI and the proud agents who work to keep America safe.  Comey is a disgrace to himself and his country.  Despite that he will make millions from the “star-like” image he has achieved through his own negligence.  Government at its best!


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