Illegitimate Press

Why does the press and other media sources only report negative stories on the President?  I’ve heard that roughly 90% of stories on President Trump are negative.  I’m still waiting to hear some of the 10% that is positive.  Whether we are talking about the recently completed, highly successful overseas trip or the new Veterans Accountability bill signed this past week, we seldom hear anything positive from the press.  Instead of praising the overseas trip (where he mended fences that Obama broke) the media focused on the fact that human rights violations were not emphasized.  Obama went out of his way to please Iran and I don’t recall Obama being concerned over Iran’s human rights record.  I heard nothing in the media regarding the VA Accountability bill other than on Fox News.

Passage of this bill was no small accomplishment!  The AFGE union is VERY powerful and most politicians have always been reluctant to take on the union over reform.  The AFGE made it virtually impossible to fire bad employees at the VA.  This bill will make the process of eliminating “dead wood” simpler.  Government employees are among the most protected in the world against unfair disciplinary action.  But too many shoddy employees have been allowed to undermine the system.  Veterans put their lives on the line for America and they are deserving of the best medical care that America has to offer.  Allowing veterans the option of obtaining medical care in the private sector is another step in the right direction and the President will continue to push for this option.  We are fortunate to have a president who is sincere in his efforts to help veterans.

I’m still waiting for some positive reporting on the President’s accomplishments.  I guess when you drain the swamp, that includes the entrenched media who are accustomed to “politics as usual.”  Trump is a threat to their comfortable way of life and they will continue to attack on all fronts.  But when you talk to Trump’s base, they are firmly behind him regardless of the press.  The populace are more sophisticated than given credit by the smug press and media.  The press is becoming more illegitimate and irrelevant every day!


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