Seeking a Scapegoat

The Dems are pressuring Nancy Pelosi to step down as the House Minority Leader.  They are attempting to blame her for the Jon Ossoff loss in the Georgia 6th Congressional special election.  In a narcissistic rant Pelosi inflated her importance to the party.  She has done a good job of raising money and keeping House Democrats in line with party policy (and most importantly) and party votes.  It appears that the Democratic Party is trying to use her as their scapegoat.  Although I’m not particularly fond of Nancy Pelosi, I agree that she should not step aside over the outcome of this one election.  The Dems are seeking a scapegoat and Pelosi appears to be the most convenient one around.

For years the Democratic Party has ignored the working class voter.  Instead they have courted the wealthy in search of large donors.  They were hugely successful in separating the rich and famous from their money.  After amassing a treasure chest of money they realized that money can’t necessarily buy elections.  The fact is the Dems have alienated the voter base that they generally counted on in the past.  By pursuing the elite and special interest votes they lost the blue collar vote.  The Dems spend massive amounts of money portraying the Republican candidates as uncaring and looking out for the rich.  An inspection of Democratic donors, however, paints an entirely different picture.  The Democrats have come to be the party of the self-interested and wealthy.

The Dems have resorted to a heavy dose of negative adds in their campaigns instead of presenting a platform that appeals to a larger group of voters.  By focusing on negative attacks ads the Dems have alienated the average voter.  With this type of approach the Dems can expect more defeats in the future.  Nancy Pelosi is being blamed for the overall incompetence of her party.  To use one of my favorite quotes:  “Your lack of preparation does not constitute my crisis.”

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