Travel Triumph

The Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s temporary travel ban by a unanimous vote of 9-0 today.   Will we hear about Trump’s vindication in the major media outlets?  I know if SCOTUS had upheld the lower court ruling in this case the media would have been proclaiming a Trump setback.   The Constitution clearly authorizes the President to ban any individual or population from entering the country if deemed a security risk.  This power has been utilized by other presidents including Barack Obama.  The ironic underlying factor in the travel ban is that the countries included in the ban were actually selected by the Obama Administration.  The ban was to be a temporary ban until the State Department could devise a more reliable vetting process.

The Left accused Trump of being anti-Muslim, but these 6 countries are by no means all of the Muslim countries in the world.  America has always been a land of religious liberty and religion was never a “litmus test” for entry into the country.  President Trump’s top priority is the security of all Americans.  Europe’s open door policy has brought death and destruction.  We can not be blind to the dangers of allowing inadequately screened immigrants into our country.  I for one rest easier knowing the President Trump and his cabinet are protecting the nation.

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