Irrelevant News

The major national news media (ABC, NBC & CBS) are disgraceful tools of the liberal Left.  As I type this blog we face several deadly crises:  1) North Korea has nuclear warheads and is in the process of perfecting a launch missile capable of reaching mainland America, 2) Iran has long-range missiles and is perfecting nuclear warheads, 3) President Assad, with the blessing of his Russian & Iranian supporters, is preparing to use chemical weapons on his own people once again.  Despite these newsworthy stories, the top story of the major networks for the past two days has been President Trump’s retaliatory tweet to the MSNBC “morning Joe” commentators.  CNN and MSNBC have become political attack dogs for the Left and are a joke in the realm of news reporting.  Their vicious personal insults of President Trump are inexcusable.  The media criticism isn’t directed against the disrespectful behavior at MSNBC but rather at the President’s counterattack.  The media (with the exclusion of Fox) is under the control of the liberal elites and Hollywood who do not like the President and the election results.

I sympathize with the President and personally have never been one to “turn the other cheek” when assaulted either physically or verbally.  Even fellow Republicans are voicing some displeasure at the President’s tweeting.  I wonder how they would respond to constant affronts to their integrity.  President Trump is a dedicated, hard-working businessman who is using his experience to make America great.  Most politicians have never had a real job and don’t know the first thing about making the economy work.  I personally love the President’s tweets and continue to support him 100%.  The “irrelevant news media” will have to survive without my viewership!

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