Sanctuary Insanity

The House of Representatives passed two bills this week on immigration.  The first is known as Kate’s law and requires mandatory sentencing for illegals committing a crime after being deported.  The bill was prompted by the death of Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had been deported 5 times and had been guilty of multiple felonies.  The second bill was to remove cities from access to government grants who don’t cooperate with ICE agents.  These communities are called “sanctuary” cities because they refuse to turn over illegal immigrants who have broken the law to federal agents for deportation.  In many cases these cities release criminal aliens to the public where they are free to commit further criminal acts, including murder in some instances.  Sanctuary cities are breaking the law and flaunting it to federal agents with no repercussions.  Now the entire state of California is threatening to become a sanctuary state.

The current Administration is not seeking to deport law-abiding, hard-working illegals who are seeking a better way of life.  Those who are here illegally (already breaking the law) and commit additional crimes should be deported.  To make matters worse, when these criminals are deported most of them return and commit further criminal acts.  If any of us breaks the law we are expected to pay for our behavior.  Why should illegal criminals be given BETTER treatment than our own citizens?  Unfortunately this is not the only situation in which liberals promote breaking the law.  There are those riotous “protests” in which businesses are looted and destroyed, police officers are shot and interstate highways are blocked to traffic.   The Left is the agenda of lawlessness and anarchy.  Americans have always been generous to immigrants, whether here legally or not.  However there must be consequences for those who break the law and anyone harboring them.  Perhaps our immigration laws need to be overhauled, but it is never acceptable to commit a crime regardless of your immigration status.

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