Tell Me What I Want to Hear

In 2014 the city of Seattle passed a law that would incrementally increase the minimum wage for all workers to $15/hr by the year 2021.  The minimum wage was increased to $13/hr in 2016.  The city then commissioned a study utilizing economists from the University of Washington on the impact of this law on low-income workers.  The results of the study actually found that the income of minimum wage workers declined.  It appears that employers cut worker hours in response to the higher cost of labor.  This outcome was predicted by economists and conservative legislators.  What we have seen in many businesses (such as fast food franchises) managers and owners have looked to increased automation to eliminate positions at their establishments.  Politicians are not business owners and don’t understand balance sheets have to show a profit for that business to survive.

Instead of accepting the results of the study, however, the city will conduct another study.  This time they will employ the the ultra-liberal University of California at Berkeley.  Will the city want a third study if they don’t get the desired results with the second study?  The city of Seattle city has to justify their actions and will likely continue until they do receive the results they demand.  It is typical of the liberal Left to feel that they are always correct and anyone who disagrees is not intelligent enough to see their point of view.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

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