Height of Hysteria

The Dems and the Left have taken their anti-Trump hysteria to a new level.  The constant attacks from their chief weapon (the media) have failed to dissuade any Trump voters from their continued endorsement of the President.  Several House Democrats are promoting a bill to invoke provisions of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution on Presidential Disability and Succession.  The Dems are upset at the President’s behavior calling it erratic and un-Presidential.  Typical of Washington politics, they propose a commission to determine the emotional health of the President.  The Amendment was added to the Constitution in the event the President was unable to perform the duties of the office.  Trump’s behavior has always been calculated and highly effective against a variety of foes, not that of someone with a mental illness.  To quote an old saying, Trump is “crazy like a fox!”  No one is calling out the unprofessional behavior of the media who have resorted to name calling and printing unsubstantiated stories from “unnamed” sources.  Many, if not all, of the stories from unknown or unnamed sources have been shown to be untrue.  How about the “17 different intelligence sources” who affirmed Russian interference in the presidential election.  We have recently learned that it was only 3 intelligence sources and there is still no hard evidence to substantiate those claims.  When was it acceptable for reputable news outlets to publish a story without authenticating its validity?  Perhaps a few lawsuits for defamation of character are in order.

Most Trump supporters, myself included, feel the President is justified in fighting back.  The Left’s rush to find dirt on the President or his Administration represents some degree of mental derangement.  The language being directed at the President is not that of rational, responsible individuals.  Those who continue to back the President have labeled this type of behavior the “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.  The staff of MSNBC and CNN are the ones who need psychiatric help.  They are unwilling to accept the legitimate election of a strong, non-political President attempting to change the corrupt environment that is Washington, D.C.  I thank God we now have a president who honors and respects our military members, veterans and law enforcement.  The Dems are wasting their time and our money going down another dead end in their desperate attempt to undo the 2016 election.  When will it end??  Repeating the same behavior and hoping for a different outcome is the ultimate definition of insanity,

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