Dereliction of Duty

Bill deBlasio, the unapologetic Leftist mayor of New York City, quickly departed for Hamburg, Germany to attend the “Welcome to Hell” protest at the G20 summit.  He will be the keynote speaker on Saturday for the anarchist group that has already injured 76 police officers and caused extensive property damage in the city of Hamburg.  The mayor bailed out on the NYPD and funeral services for the murdered female NYPD officer Miosotis Familia who was assassinated on Wednesday while sitting a marked police vehicle.  This was obviously another targeted attack on a uniformed officer for her work.  The shooter had a criminal record and a professed hatred for the police.  He was shot and killed shortly after he murdered Ms Familia, a single mother with over a dozen years on the city police force.  Mayor deBlasio is no friend to the NYPD and his vacating the city at this critical time is just another example of his own animosity toward law enforcement.  One need only look at the chaos and destruction that is taking place in Hamburg (or previously in Ferguson & Baltimore) to realize law enforcement is all that stands between civilization and anarchy.

I am constantly amazed by the disgusting behavior of anarchists who destroy property and lives.  Their avowed motive is to protest capitalism and promote democracy.  That is an oxymoron since democracy is built on capitalism and personal responsibility.  Anarchy has no place in a democracy which has law and order at its foundation.  The most disturbing element of the riotous protests is that these anarchists are sponsored by wealthy capitalists.  I don’t know what the misguided elitists who fund these events hope to accomplish by creating disruption and destruction.  In my opinion protests do not alter the opinions of anyone at that conference or anyone in a position of power.  The result of Mayor deBlasio’s dereliction of duty is the further alienation of law-abiding citizens in New York and those assigned to protect them.

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