Trump Triumph

The media has attacked the President from Day 1.  Actually their criticism began long before he won the election.  Donald Trump was labeled an outsider with no political experience and no knowledge of world events.  Although he had built a successful business record, they said he did not have the skills to be an international diplomat.  On the world stage President Trump has once again proven his critics wrong.  The Trump brand is a worldwide empire and the President has negotiated with world leaders for many years.  He knows how to be tough yet personable.  Everyone who has met President Trump feels he is an attentive listener and is genuinely concerned for the needs of others.  His charitable works go unmentioned by the media but he has personally helped civilians and military members with his generosity.

The meeting with President Putin today was productive, producing a cease fire agreement as well as other accomplishments.  The media has doggedly pursued the President on the Russian meddling in our presidential election last year.  According to those present at the meeting, Trump did confront President Putin on the issue.  Mr. Putin denied that Russia had interfered in our election.  Did you honestly expect Putin to admit that they had hacked into the DNC and some state voter rolls?  America routinely interferes in international elections and Obama (through proxies) actively tried to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel.  We are hypocritical if we are indignant with the efforts of other nations when we are guilty of the same behavior.  If we can’t protect our computer systems, then we should expect Russia, China and North Korea (remember the Sony Pictures incident) to hack into our sensitive data bases.

From all present at the meeting our President held his own against the experienced and confident President Putin.  The media has underestimated President Trump for over a year and should not be surprised by his accomplishments.  No matter how successful President Trump becomes during his presidency, the media will never give him any credit.  Confidence in the media has plummeted while confidence in the President has risen.  The only group with a lower popularity rating than the media is Congress.  Remember that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!

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