China Syndrome

One of the most critical meetings in years was the one today between President Trump and the Chinese president.  It is not an exaggeration to say that China currently holds the key to peace.  At the present time North Korea is the most dangerous country on earth.  They possess nuclear weapons and are ruled by a leader who is itching to use them.  Kim is obviously insane, no reasonable human would be willing to use nuclear weapons.  There is hope in the presence of China.  North Korea is a puppet of China and the strings that control their behavior are money and trade.  China could end the North Korean antics by pulling on the appropriate strings.  Since the meeting with President Trump in April, the Chinese president has allowed trade between the two countries (China & North Korea) to increase by 40%.  That is after China promised to exact concessions from NK.  So much for promises!  No one will be victorious in a nuclear war and China shares a border with a country that will undoubtedly become a nuclear graveyard.  We won’t have to worry about climate change when the nukes fly.  In fact “nuclear winter” will take place from all the debris thrown into the atmosphere, blocking the sun.  With such a scenario temperatures will plummet and cold will be our greater concern (along with adequate food and water).

China has the ability to slap some common sense into the North Korean leadership.  The Cold War days are not just a memory when rouge nations (and potentially terrorists) have nukes.   We can not imagine the horrors of nuclear war and I pray we won’t have to experience it firsthand.  When the atom bomb was first developed an often repeated quote was uttered, “What has mankind wrought!”

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