Constant Assault

The media continues a constant assault on the President, attacking every move he or his family makes.  The latest negative reporting on President Trump is the fact that the U.S. alone is not pledging to follow the Paris Accord.  This is a pact that has no means of enforcement, exempts major polluters such as India and China and was also rejected by Russia in the past as.  The Paris Accord is symbolic and will do little to alter the world’s climate.  It punishes developed nations with fees and CO2 limits and gives a “pass” to developing nations.  Al Gore predicted that the polar ice caps would have completely melted by this time and coastal cities would be inundated with sea water.  Al was basing his predictions on computer models and scientific “guesses.”  No human, including Stephen Hawking can accurately predict future global conditions.  Trump is refusing to accept the socialist views of Western Europe where the government is all knowing and controlling.  We can safely develop our natural resources and protect the environment at the same time.  We possess the technology to “walk and chew gum” simultaneously.

America became the greatest nation on earth, not because we followed everyone else, but because we were bold enough to go our own way.  I don’t feel we need to comply with every European initiative.  America always has and always will stand out from the crowd.  I’m pleased that the President didn’t allow other countries to dictate our behavior.  Trump is the forceful, independent outsider we elected to put America first and he is doing a bang up job!

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