Brennan Bravado

John Brennan the former CIA Director used the Sunday program “Meet the Press” to become a political puppet of the Left.  He criticized the President for a number of issues regarding the meeting with President Putin.  First off he said it was disgraceful to state that their meeting was an “honor.”  Putin is the president of the 2nd most powerful country on earth.  How would it have benefited Trump or the U.S. to berate Mr. Putin before their meeting?  You don’t have any leverage in negotiating if you attack the other party before you start a discussion.  Insulting Putin would further destabilize an already unstable world.  Unless Mr. Brennan was present at the meeting he has no idea what was discussed.  The President was able to negotiate a cease-fire in Syria and perhaps other concessions from President Putin.  Those who have underestimated the President in the past have been proven wrong.

It seems if anyone is a poor negotiator it would be Mr. Brennan with that sort of attitude.  John Brennan turned a non-political intelligence agency into a political weapon against conservatives and Trump.  The Sunday news shows have become as biased as the other national news programs and are political forums to attack our President.  If Donald Trump was such a poor negotiator, how was he able to become one of the world’s true real estate tycoons?  You must, by default, be a good negotiator to accumulate Trump’s wealth.  Brennan is an embarrassment to our national security and our country. If I were Mr. Brennan I would stay out of the limelight and shut the F*** up!

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