Pork Politics

The Senate’s health care bill is being delayed due to the unfortunate serious health concerns of Senator McCain.  This may ultimately be a blessing because the Republicans can’t seem to agree on anything.  Each Senator is wanting perks (also known as pork) for his/her state.  Obamacare faced similar issues where special favors were given to certain state congressional members to “buy” their vote.  I doubt that any of those who voted for the ACA bill had actually read the 1,000+ page bill before voting for it.  As Nancy Pelosi famously stated, “We need to pass the bill to know what is in it.”  States that accepted the generous government dollars to expand Medicaid are upset over potential slowing of the money spigot.  Current Medicaid expansion has grown beyond the original intent of the program.  Like every other government handout, many are willing to take federal dollars.

Republicans greatest sin is a lack of public relations.  The Dems are making political adds and making speeches in an attempt to frighten the average citizen.  They like to declare that over 20 million Americans will be thrown off their insurance.  The number of uninsured will rise because the Senate bill removes the requirement that everyone purchase health insurance.  There is nothing in our Constitution or Bill of Rights requiring citizens to buy health insurance.  The Senate healthcare bill offers many improvements over Obamacare.  The health insurance mandates disappear for individuals as well as employers.  Taxes on medical devices are removed which will encourage innovation and insurance policies can be offered across state lines.  The Ted Cruz amendment also allows individuals to purchase “bare bones” policies tailored to their particular needs.  The Senate bill may not be perfect, but adding pork to buy additional Senate votes will complicate the bill and potentially offend Senators who didn’t receive special favors.  Obamacare was amended over the years and the new Senate bill can be altered later as necessary.  Delaying passage of the bill will ultimately result in its defeat.

Despite what the Dems like to say, no one will die from this bill.  Even those who have no insurance will never be turned away from the nearest emergency room.  Those of us who work in the medical profession are ready to help anyone in need, regardless of social status or ability to pay.  The Dems need to stop the scare tactics and Republicans need to be more proactive in promoting the benefits of their new bill.  My message to the Senate, “Swallow your pride and vote to save Americans from the disaster know as Obamacare.”


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