The Enemy Within

The Republican majority failed to agree among themselves and pass the Senate version to “repeal & replace” Obamacare.  It took the House several tries before they had a replacement bill that was acceptable to the majority of Republicans in that body.  The Senate has a much narrower margin of error.  They already have two Senators who won’t buy anything the Senate can come up with as a replacement.  Rand Paul and Susan Collins can give whatever excuses they want, the bottom line is they are afraid of offending some of their constituents.  I’ve got news for these cowards: failing to do something offends everyone.  The Dems have done a great job of brainwashing the public into believing that all of the Republican efforts are bad.  The Congressional Budget Office does not help by saying that millions will lose their health insurance.  Millions are losing their insurance under Obamacare and many millions more can’t afford the insurance they have.  Republicans receive a failing grade in promoting the benefits of their bill.  I can only equate Republican behavior with extreme self-flagellation.  When you hear the Democratic message a dozen times a day, you begin to believe it.

Several Senators have “jumped ship” over Medicaid concerns.  The Republican bill is an attempt to slow the Medicaid expansion that occurred under Obamacare.  The Medicaid expansion gave huge government subsidies to the poor so they could afford  insurance policies.  Everyone was forced to purchase policies that provided for unnecessary services such as maternity services to men and birth control to the elderly and nuns.  The problem was Medicaid was also given to many able-bodied individuals as well as the indigent.  Federal dollars led to federal interference into state run programs. Medicaid subsidies have become “cocaine” to state budgets and both governors and Senators are opposed to giving that up.  The latest Republican idea is to repeal Obamacare and take up to two years to devise a replacement bill.  Does anyone believe that will take place when the previous seven years did not produce an Obamacare replacement?  Repeal is a poor idea because it will generate uncertainty in the insurance industry and medical facilities.  The healthcare market will only get worse unless congressional members from both sides leave their egos at home and do what is right for ALL constituents.

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