Media Shock

The new Trump Administration Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci had a rousing “meet the press” session yesterday.  The media were shocked to find an articulate, self-deprecating, scrappy fighter in the new director.  Mr. Scaramucci is a businessman, like the President, but has a smooth, precise delivery that is disarming to the hostile press.  The new Director used a degree of humor and humility that was refreshing for “the swamp.”  Rather than denying his disparaging words about candidate Donald Trump last year, he joked about how often the President reminded him of his lack of support.  He is now an ardent supporter of the President and will be a great asset to the Administration.  Although Sean Spicer was likeable enough, I believe that Mr. Scaramucci is a superior individual for this position.

Initial reaction from the press was positive; probably the first positive comments to arise from the media in reference to the President.  I am a huge fan of President Trump and his agenda.  Unfortunately his “bull in a china shop” approach to the media and many of his opponents damaged his ability to move ideas through Congress.  Much of the President’s unpopularity is the result of unrefined language and attitude.  The new Communications Director will be a positive force in advancing the Trump agenda.  He will serve as competent liasion between the White House and the media.  Like it or not the media is a powerful force in molding public opinion and ultimately political behavior.  The most glaring deficiency in  the Republican Party has been poor communication.  A new day has dawned in the White House and hopefully in Washington as well.  Changes are needed in healthcare, tax reform and trade, but unless the message can get out, these policies will wither and die.  Mr. Scaramucci may hold the ket to the success of this Administration.  I’m finally hopeful that we may see some progress.

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