Stuck in the Swamp

Rush Limbaugh was the first to suggest that the Republicans in Congress were not supportive of President Trump.  Although they wear the title “Republican” these men and women  are in reality part of the resistance movement.  From Day 1 Donald Trump was besieged by the media and bitter Democrats.  There is little loyalty even within his party to the man who represents them in the White House.  Trump’s populist movement spoke to the average American and the true concerns of the working class.  The average citizen liked the Trump agenda and that no doubt helped many Congressional & Senate candidates win their elections as well.  The new Republican majority in both houses of Congress has not led to the expected success in the early months of this Administration.  Republicans can not even agree among themselves on various aspects of healthcare.  What can we expect from them when they tackle other big issues like tax reform.  The “repeal & replace” mandate that was proclaimed by Republicans for seven years has become an empty promise.

Rush Limbaugh was correct; establishment Republicans are no better than Democrats to this president or to the American people.  I give President Trump high marks for his first six months in office.  He has eliminated many regulations, restored our status among world leaders and unleashed energy exploration.  We are not only self-sufficient with respect to energy, but we are an exporter to countries previously dependent on Russia for their energy needs.  Congress gets a failing grade, but then they are part of the Washington Establishment that Trump maligned in his presidential run.  As it turns out Republican legislators are  swamp creatures like everyone in Washington, just of a different species.

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