Total Hypocrisy

Jared Kushner was the latest of the Trump “family & friends” to testify before investigative committees regarding the Russia conspiracy.  The Dems are determined to question and intimidate anyone involved in the Trump presidential campaign or his presidency.  They are desperately hoping to extract some shred of evidence to justify the millions of taxpayer dollars being wasted in the Russian collusion effort.  The Dems and Hillary supporters still have not accepted the poor performance that cost them the presidential election.  If they can somehow link President Trump to the Russians, then they invalidate his presidency and trigger a movement to impeach.  The Constitution provides a mechanism to impeach the president for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  All the ongoing investigations will be hard pressed to find “high crimes” in any of Trump’s actions.  Remember that the President is a global real estate investor and has purchased properties in Russia and the U.S.   He has interacted with numerous Russian businessman and leaders over the years.  Trump has never given any reason to believe that his past relationships with Russians was based solely on business.  It seems this frenzied effort to find a Russian connection may be an effort to divert attention from the sins of Hillary and others in the Obama Administration.

How quickly Congress has forgotten the FBI investigation into the numerous “real” crimes committed by Hillary Clinton.  She stored classified materials on her personal server and tried to destroy any evidence to link her to this and other crimes.  She manually destroyed unsecured devises that were not government authorized and tried to bleach bit the remaining evidence.  She lied to Congress and the American people on numerous occasions and sold 20% of our uranium supplies to the Russians.  Her husband was paid $500,000 a speech by the Russians while Secretary of State.  Does that not suggest collusion?  FBI Director Comey uncovered extensive wrong doing by Hillary but was instructed by Loretta Lynch to call the investigation a “matter.”  The coincidental 40-minute tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch was Hillary’s “get out of jail” card.  Two days later Mr. Comey stated that no reasonable person would proceed with indictment.  What world does Comey live in?  Contrary to Mr. Comey, there was more than enough evidence to proceed to indictment and prosecution.  If these crimes were committed by someone other than Hillary they would have spent years behind bars.

The number of “high crimes & misdemeanors” committed by the Dems and the Obama Administration are extensive.  But Congress seems to turn a blind eye to the sins of Hillary and the Dems.  The Trump Administration is forced to put out brush fires while everyone ignores the forest fire of Democratic crime & collusion.  The only way to describe Washington D.C. is Total Hypocrisy!

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