Congressional Myopia

Congress finally showed that they are capable of passing legislation.  By a wide margin both houses of Congress passed a bill with wide-ranging sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran.  The main focus of the bill was to “punish” Russia for their meddling into our election.  How dare the Russians do something like that!  It’s acceptable for us to meddle in every other nation’s elections but our elections should be off limits to the rest of the world.  Russia was caught with their hand in the cookie jar and Congress is overreacting by imposing a heavy penalty.  Congress has more pressing priorities but they are giving into the hysteria generated by the media on this subject.  This is certainly not the first bill that President Trump was expecting to land on his desk.  President Trump is disappointed but will likely sign it against his better wishes.  Cyber hacking is the new battlefield and it is occurring on a regular basis.  Fortunately in this instance the Russians were unable to influence the outcome of our presidential election.

Trump has been trying to work with Putin in dealing with Syria and North Korea.  This bill simply “pokes the bear” and will make Putin less likely to cooperate with us.  North Korea is not a threat to Putin and he could care less if North Korea intimidates the U.S. or its Asian allies.  I’m convinced that China will do nothing to stop NK from their nuclear insanity.  The Russians are our best hope to pressure NK and prevent nuclear war.  Trump is a practical businessman and realizes that, like it or not, we must work with Putin.  The best way to handle the Russian election incursion is to improve our cyber security.  This was not the first cyber attack and will certainly not be the last.  Other nations have, and will try to hack into sensitive files and programs.  We can’t slap sanctions on every nation that ever targets our computer systems.   Congress needs to focus on “real” legislation and leave foreign affairs to the President (as outlined in the Constitution)!

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