For the Health of It

After an exhaustive first six months of the Trump Administration those hard-working Representatives and Senators are taking a five week vacation.  In the meantime average Americans struggle to pay their health insurance premiums, medical deductibles and meet their tax burden obligations.  In a focused attempt to spur action on a healthcare bill, the President has threatened to withhold the large (taxpayer funded) subsidies Congress receives for their own health insurance.  I’m sure every federal legislator makes more money than I do, yet they get federal subsidies to help them with their insurance costs.  I’ve always said that Congress is one big “country club” where its members are entitled to special favors.  They receive thousands of dollars from lobbyists to “buy influence” on pending bills before Congress.  I would venture to say that laws live or die based on lobbyist payments. Constituents take a back seat with respect to legislative action unless there is an election in sight.

I would not shed a tear to see Congress lose their taxpayer funded subsidies.  How is it that members of Congress are millionaires after one or two terms?  Why must we subsidize millionaires while simultaneously decrying a 20 trillion dollar national debt?  The President has the right idea but I’m not confident he will be able to implement this bold move.  Congress makes the rules and the swamp knows how to sustain the ecosystem.  The only ones to suffer from all this narcissistic madness is the American people while creatures of the swamp continue to thrive.

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