Bringing Sanity to Immigration

The bill being introduced by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue is a refreshing attempt to bring some guidance and common sense to immigration.  The Left will no doubt go ballistic and accuse these Senators (and of course President Trump) of racism.  The new law would limit the number of green cards issued and base their issuance on a a list of criteria.  Among the proposed criteria for legal entrance:  ability to speak English, ability to be self-supporting (not requiring welfare or other assistance) and education level.   Other countries have utilized such a “point system” for immigration, so we would simply join the ranks of these countries.  This new bill, if passed, would “put America first” by encouraging the inflow of skilled and educated immigrants.  Large numbers of unskilled, often illegal, immigrants exhausts the labor market for legal immigrants and unskilled American workers.  Since many of these unskilled immigrants do not speak English they can be exploited by employers with long hours and low wages.  This practice drives down wages for all laborers, regardless of their citizenship status.

These same unskilled immigrants often require social services in the form of housing, food or medical care.  Local and national governments are unduly burdened by excessive, uncontrolled immigration.  This bill attempts to select immigrants who will be more likely to assimilate and be a positive force within their communities.  I believe this bill offers a common sense, return to sanity approach to immigration.  The criticism from the Left is anticipated and predictable.  I hope Chuck Schumer has a large box of Kleenex handy because I can hear those crocodile tears now!

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