Climate Hypocrisy

Al Gore has released his sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth” on climate change, specifically global warming.  The greatest inconvenient truth is Gore’s hypocrisy with respect to energy consumption and his single-handed abuse of the environment. Like the Hollywood elites, he has a voracious appetite for all the conveniences of an extravagant lifestyle.  Poor Al only owns 3 homes and has one of the largest carbon footprints in the nation.  His largest home in the Nashville area is over 10,000 square feet and consumes as much energy in 1 year as the average homeowner consumes in 21 years.  The energy to heat his swimming pool alone would power 6 homes for a year.  In 2006 Al paid some $30,000 in combined electric and gas utilities.  When you consider that energy costs in Tennessee are below most states this is substantial.  Al defends his lifestyle by saying that flies commercial airlines and does not have a private plane.  Nice to hear that Mr. Gore is sacrificing for the good of the planet.

When it comes to global warming those individuals proclaiming “the sky is falling” are the ones with the largest carbon footprints.  Al is good at making headlines (and money in the process), but he does not practice what he preaches.  He is a poor guardian of planet earth!  The greatest threat to global warming is uncontrolled population growth in third world countries.  Mr. Gore knows better than to suggest birth control as part of his solution for saving the earth.  He knows that such an idea would be considered racist.  The liberal Left would no longer be able to use the racist label as solely belonging to conservative Republicans.   As I have said before, the earth controls its own destiny and we are but an inconvenient annoyance to global climate.

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