A Serious Game

The North Korean leader’s brash statements and declarations have largely been ignored in past years.  All the while the North Korean regime has furiously pursued its nuclear capabilities including the means of delivering a nuclear warhead.  The distance and accuracy of NK missile launches is improving rapidly and is a concern to the U.S. and its allies in the region.  The latest intelligence suggests that the North Koreans have miniaturized a nuclear warhead, allowing it to be placed on a short or long range missile.  Unlike the previous nuclear arms race which concluded in a nuclear stalemate, the North Korean leader appears willing to use nukes to intimidate or even blackmail his neighbors.  Kim has already shown a disregard for the populace of his nation and likely believes he could survive a nuclear exchange.  Such an idea is idiocy because todays nuclear weapons are much more potent than anything the world has seen.  They are not compatible with life as we know it.  Only a fool would play Russian roulette with nukes.

We are the best armed and most skilled military on earth.  However we need not advertise that fact and I wish President Trump would avoid macho statements.  Such comments only serve to provoke an already unstable, insecure North Korean renegade.    President Trump needs to reassure our allies and the American people that we prefer a peaceful resolution to this arms race.  To borrow a popular expression, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”

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