Total Disrespect

I used to say that it would take a world crisis to unite us as Americans.  Now we are faced with a potential world crisis in a nuclear North Korea.  Instead of uniting us, the crisis is further dividing us based on the selfishness and false pride of the Left.  In all my life I have never heard the national media call the President of the U.S. a lunatic and an idiot.  The Leftist media has used these terms and others on national news in reference to our President.  This is occurring in light of a looming world conflict.  The Left and Hollywood elites believe their all-encompasing knowledge and status permits them to openly criticize the President.  This president is taking a courageous stand against nuclear blackmail.  The ungrateful Hollywood narcissists lack basic patriotism and respect for our President.  I would venture to say that these elitists do not respect the flag or our veterans as well.  There was a time when many actors defended the nation and served in the military during WWII.  Today’s stars are only tough on screen and would likely show cowardice in the face of danger.

Just as the liberal Left and Hollywood elite have no respect for our President, I have no respect for them either.  They can’t even keep the pledge they made to leave the country if Mr. Trump was elected president.  It’s a pity that they didn’t leave; this country would be better off without someone who calls our president an idiot.  I did not like the previous president but would never refer to him as an idiot or lunatic in public.  I’m pessimistic that our nation will ever be united again.  The liberal Left is intolerant of any opinion that differs from their own.  Conservative, God-fearing citizens made our country great and only they can save it.  Perhaps our last attempt to save America was the election of Donald Trump.  Throughout history great nations were destroyed from within.  I pray we are not witnessing the destruction of our own great nation.

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