Words Matter

The media hysterics are once again predictable because the President did not use the words “White Supremacists” in his short speech on the Charlottesville violence.  I don’t know if he (Trump) had all of the facts at that time, but his words were forceful and did mention bigotry has no place in America.  For 8 years President Obama refused to use the words “Islamic Terrorists” and was given a pass by the media.  It is obvious there is a double standard for the Left as compared to the more conservative members of our society.  Many of the protests yesterday (led by the Leftist groups) were also violent.  Nearly all of the violence that I have seen in the past several years were triggered by the Left and their anti-fa members.  The notion of “peaceful” protests has generally been lost as everyone seems to have a short fuse.  I don’t believe that large gatherings of individuals on any issue is likely to end in anything other than violence.  Large groups of people turn into  mobs at the least provocation.

It is frightening to see how angry and hateful everyone has become.  Even on social media discussion is often hostile and uncompromising.  We can accomplish more change through letters and phone calls to politician offices than by confrontational protests.  Civility and courtesy has been lost and I fear  our society is on the verge of collapse.  Compromise is the art of working out a solution that incorporates some of the beliefs and values of both sides of a dispute.  We must listen to everyone’s viewpoint; there is not always a right and wrong side of an issue.  It is possible to find some common ground that promotes peace, not anger and violence.  Scripture says, “We shall reap what we sow.”  Violence only results in more violence.

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