N. Korea Blinks

The North Korean regime has withdrawn their threat to launch missiles on Guam.  It was reported that NK recalled some of their diplomats from the U.N. and other countries.  I interpreted this as perhaps they had decided on military action and were attempting to protect these potential pawns in a conflict.  Of course the other possibility was that they were considering a different approach to their aggressive actions.  Thankfully it was the later option and Kim Jong Un seems to have backed down from the brink of annihilation.  The President was harshly criticized by the media and many politicians for his tough talk.  It is quite apparent that the passive approach of past years had done nothing but encourage bad behavior.  Other presidents were reluctant to apply pressure on China, the only nation able to alter the direction of NK.  China may have played a role in Kim’s change of heart.  The media will never give Trump credit for any accomplishment.  President Trump borrowed a page from President Reagan whose policy of “peace through strength” did keep the peace for many years.

This crisis is by no means over and we must not let down our guard.  We should continue to be the most powerful military force in the world.  If we divert from this policy we are inviting similar nuclear blackmail from Iran or other countries.  The U.S. uses its military might for good, not evil.  We can’t be the world’s policeman but we need to be capable of protecting peace-loving nations and allies.  The President and his military advisors are qualified to deal with these issues and they need our support, not our criticism.  Enemies see criticism as weakness.  United we stand and divided we fall.

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