One Race

I’ve stated this before; there is only one race, the Human Race.  When the need arises for a blood transfusion or an organ transplant, the race of the donor is never questioned.  The recipient is simply grateful for the generosity of another human (or family) willing to sacrifice in a time of need.  I personally received a blood transfusion several years ago when I was in a near-fatal accident.  To this day it has never mattered to me where that blood originated.  Whether your skin happens to be white or black, we are all created by the same God with the same set of physical and emotional needs.  It is unchristian to believe that anyone is superior to another.  Unfortunately some groups preach a doctrine of hate and derision for dissimilar groups.  The White Supremacists & KKK on the far Right and BLM & Antifa on the far Left dislike others because of their skin color or political beliefs.  Although they receive a great deal of attention by the media, these groups are but a tiny fraction of our society.

We all share the same planet and our Creator would want us to display kindness and respect toward everyone.  The majority of American citizens want to live in harmony regardless of skin color or ethnic origin.  I think average citizens are sick of the division that they are seeing in politics and the media.  Totalitarian societies brainwash subjects through continuous messages of what they wish people to believe.  The media is brainwashing Americans with poisonous vitriol against the President and his supporters.  I see a presidential term of stalemate and division unless things change.  Everyone suffers when we don’t work together and act like “one nation under God.”

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