Ultimate Frustration

Has the world gone insane?  Politicians are throwing around the “impeachment” word and one even saying she hoped the President would be assassinated.  These are our elected representatives who are supposed to demonstrate maturity and responsible behavior.  They had best look in the mirror when critical of the President.  Congress has not accomplished any of what Americans expressed at the ballot box in 2016.  We elected a non-conventional president and now the press and members of his own party are upset that he is acting non-conventional.  The way I see it, President Trump is the only one acting with courage and following his convictions.  The press and television media are continuously hounding the President over the same ridiculous issues.  How many times must he (Trump) reject the hate groups on the Right?  Yet the media ignores the hate groups on the Left who loot and destroy businesses, attack police and block major thoroughfares.

I have posted several times on the Charlottesville tragedy.  It was a terrible incident but there WAS violence on both sides.  Confronting hate groups on either side will not make them go away.  When two opposing sides are armed there can be only one outcome.  President Trump addressed Charlottesville twice with the second statement being much stronger than his first statement.  At the time of his initial statement he was not fully informed.  The news conference in Trump Tower was supposed to be on infrastructure but the “hate group” hysteria was all the press was interested in pursuing.  I don’t blame Trump for striking back at the press, who have never treated him fairly.  Now that it is apparent the Russia probe is a “dry hole” the media has found a new weapon with which to attack.  Americans are not as gullible as the media and Congress believe.  I don’t know what the 2018 elections will bring, but if I was an incumbent Representative or Senator I would be running scared!

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