Hate Kills

I’m watching live events in Boston as a crowd (mob) of 15,000 anti-protestors march toward a smaller group of free-speech protestors on the Boston Common.  The protestors on the Boston Common have a permit for their gathering, as did the protestors in Charlottesville.  I do not see any Nazi, Confederate or KKK signs on the Boston Common.  I think the media has tried to connect Conservatives with these fringe groups.  Radical groups will always exist but they certainly do not represent Conservatives or conservative values.  Fringe groups are hate mongers and have no place in a free, peaceful society.  The media may try to ignore the fact that fringe groups also exist on the Left.  The fringe Left has actually been encouraged by the media and liberal politicians.  When anarchists and the antifa were destroying property and businesses in Ferguson and Baltimore, police were told to “stand down.”  The liberal politicians in those cities feared a negative reaction by certain voting groups.  Politics is dirty business and increasingly I see politicians who are cowards, unwilling to stand for what is right.  Their only concern is not offending blocks of voters for the next election.  I am totally disgusted with nearly every one of them.

Both Right and Left fringe groups are fueled by anger and hate.  These are not constructive emotions and can only trigger evil behavior.  Anger and hate is often self-gratifying and leads to further anger and hate.  They also trigger physiologic  responses within the body that are harmful to the individual.  Hate is a killer and ultimately hurts the person harboring it rather than the one it is directed toward.  Hate is a four-letter word we can all live without.  I pray the Boston protest/counter protest has a peaceful outcome.  When two large groups with opposing points of view gather, there is seldom a good outcome.  Ultimately these protests change few minds, if any.  It seems all this energy could be directed in a more beneficial direction.


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