A Policy of Division

The media is still pursuing the bogus Trump/Russia collusion story.  They have wasted millions of taxpayer dollars without producing any substantive results.  At the same time they overlook stories of Democratic corruption and incompetence.  The Clinton Foundation’s Russian involvement is a case in point.  Another more recent example is the discovery that Imran Awan, a Pakistani IT consultant hired by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, gave classified information to Russia.  He and several family members were paid some $5 million and had access to the files of numerous Democratic members of Congress.  Mr. Awan was kept on the DNC payroll until he was caught fleeing the country for Pakistan.  Had this man worked at the RNC this fiasco would have been the lead story in the media for months.  The media’s latest obsession is the violence in Charlottesville and their attempt to link the President with the philosophy of the KKK and White Supremacists.  How many times must the President condemn racism and racist groups?  Why has the media never condemned the Left wing anarchists who destroyed businesses in Ferguson and Baltimore?  How about denouncing BLM members who assassinated police officers and chanted death threats?  Media bias is blatant and sickening.  They have blinders on when it comes to violence committed by the Left and focus laser-like on any hint of Right wing violence.

The media is dividing this country and anyone supporting the President is subject to ridicule and potential personal harm.  There must be method to media madness; all the violence they inspire makes for great viewer ratings.  How sick!!  I have said it before, great civilizations were destroyed from within.  The media tries to pin current social unrest on the President, but average citizens are not as gullible as the media believes them to be.  Continuing down the path of division may bring us to a point of no return.  So a word of wisdom to the media, “Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.”

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