Krazy Kim

Kim Jong Un is at it again; he is objecting to the regular military readiness exercises held by joint forces from the U.S. and South Korea.  Kim is threatening nuclear war over these exercise, citing them as “threatening.”  Just when it appeared that Kim was acting more rational, he resumes his past antics.  We now realize that his threats can’t be ignored.  The regime possesses nuclear weapons and the ICBMs to deliver them, albeit without precision.  Nuclear war is like horseshoes, you don’t have to be spot on for success.   China may have been responsible for the most recent calming of NK rhetoric, but I’m not confident they can control every temper tantrum of the NK leader.  It only takes one itchy trigger finger to initiate a massive nuclear exchange.  Our forces in the region have remained on alert and Kim knows that he would lose his leadership position and country if he misbehaves.  Perhaps he believes our civil unrest is an opportunity to pound his chest and make bellicose threats.  We must take him seriously or risk being caught by surprise.

General Mattis and the other military advisers to President Trump have remained calm and confident.  They are prepared for any eventuality and will no doubt keep us safe. The world is becoming increasingly unstable both at home and abroad and we can’t take our eyes off any potential crisis.

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