No Retreat

President Trump delivered the best speech of his presidency last night.  Instead of continuing the path of retreat and withdraw, he is willing to bolster our forces to achieve some stability in Afghanistan.  The President has surrounded himself with capable generals who know what is necessary to protect those troops already there and Americans at home.  As the President has stated on numerous occasions, the chief function of the president is to protect the security of all citizens.  Additional troops will not be going with a combat mission, but to train the Afghan soldiers and help them secure their own country.  Once properly trained, Afhan militia will not longer permit terrorists to thrive within their borders.  The President also made some bold statements about Pakistan, a nation that has pretended to be our friend while serving as a safe haven for terrorists.  Osama Bin Laden took refuge in Pakistan and was eventually hunted down and killed there.  Pakistan was placed on notice that monetary assistance is not a guarantee if we don’t get their cooperation.  Also he informed them that we will pursue terrorists there if Pakistani forces can’t assist us in capturing them.

The Democrats and their chief ally, the media, are attacking this speech as expanding the war.  After 16 years the public is suffering battle fatigue but the Obama approach of announcing a withdrawal timetable was a disaster.  Terrorists were emboldened everywhere when we made the decision to turn and run.  Even some Republicans are critical of the speech.  I am so disgusted with Republican “leadership” in Congress.  They are cowards and lean whichever direction will get them the most votes in the next election.   No president sends military forces in harms way without a great deal of soul searching, but our president has chosen the correct path for the better good of America.   Those who have served understand that victory can never be achieved through retreat.

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