Expert Witness

James Clapper the former Director of National Intelligence is critical of President Trump, suggesting that he is unqualified to be the President.  I am shocked that Mr. Clapper feels he is an expert in the field of politics and psychiatry.  How can he be qualified to pass judgement on President Trump?  This is the same man who collected massive amounts of surveillance material on Americans and then lied about it when questioned before a congressional committee in 2013.  The Obama Administration has a track record for lying before the American public and Congress.  How many times did Hillary look into cameras and lie without any sign of remorse.  I think many of the Washington crowd leave their conscience behind when they enter the city limits of Washington, D. C.  Susan Rice, a key adviser to President Obama told the biggest lies of all, such as Benghazi and denying that she unmasked many Republicans for “national security.”  I thought the Trump rally in Phoenix was great.  After the media’s constant beating up on the President, he had every right to fight back.  I have NO respect for CNN, MSNBC and even many of the major figures at ABC, NBC and CBS.  They have lost any credibility as true journalists.

As for Congress, they have done virtually nothing since the President entered office and once again they deserve the shaming handed out in Phoenix.  With elections approaching in 2018 I fear no major legislation will be passed.  The media blames the President for lack of progress, but the president can’t write bills.  President Trump has reversed many of the oppressive executive orders of the previous president  and has made excellent decisions regarding his military advisers and cabinet members.  The Constitution’s separation of powers won’t allow him to pass his own agenda.  It is up to the spineless Congress to move forward.  Every day of our lives we make choices that may offend others, but we do what we feel is best in any given situation.  If Congress tries to please everyone they will please no one.  We need a national movement for term limits; that is the only way any work will get done.

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