Final Countdown

Congress will have twelve days after it reconvenes next week to complete a “honey do list” that would strike fear into the bravest of spouses.  Thank goodness Congress is returning from a well-deserved five week vacation; they should be rested and ready to go.  President Trump wants them to tackle tax reform first and foremost.  This was one of his chief campaign promises and has been proven to energize the economy.   Tax cuts are more likely than real tax reform.  There are too many special interests wishing to keep their deductions and special tax incentives.  It should be no secret that Washington, D.C. is run by lobbyists and special interest groups.  All the swamp creatures in Washington know that everything DOES have a price.  I am always fascinated how our public servants become millionaires on a meager salary in an expensive city.  I’m not saying that our elected officials are corrupt, but the numbers don’t add up!  Those of us who actually work for a living never seem to have saved enough for retirement.  I guess the secret to a substantial retirement is getting elected to Congress.

The first order of business is to raise the debt limit.  Our public servants just can’t put the government credit cards in a safe place!  When will they learn that the bucks have to stop somewhere when it comes to spending.  Raising taxes is like running on a treadmill when you can’t control the spending.  Next up, Congress must pass a budget; good luck with that one!  No one is willing to limit spending on their districts or pet projects.  Tax cuts, particularly those on corporate rates, should get done but I’m not holding my breath.  The Dems and many conservative Republicans want a “deficit neutral” budget.  That will never happen on paper with tax cuts (God knows the CBO will never find balance).  Heathcare reform will likely be last (and least) on the congressional priority list.  I will be shocked if any action is taken on healthcare.  We will continue to dump money into the pockets of insurers and not change the way medicine is practiced.  Most legislators are lawyers and will never agree to tort reform since they stand to make millions off of malpractice suits.  Tort reform is the single best way to reduce medical costs, along with more HSA accounts that would encourage patients to price shop for their care.

There you have it; twelve days till disaster.  Our Congress has been, and will continue to be, a joke.  The art of compromise has been abandoned and our society is too polarized to agree on anything.  The final countdown is on and we shall see how little is accomplished.

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