Antifa Anarchy

The Antifa troublemakers were on the loose again in Berkeley yesterday.   Why is it that wherever they go, they riot and destroy property?  Despite their obvious agenda to create anarchy the media tolerates this despicable behavior.  At the same time they (media) continue to persecute the President for his Charlottesville comments.  I watched the live events at Charlottesville and there WAS violence from counter protesters.  Elements of both the Right and the Left were armed with clubs and pepper spray.  The loss of life in Charlottesville was regrettable and totally preventable.  It was obvious that the two groups were armed and itching for trouble.  I believe the Charlottesville police could have done more to keep the two sides separated.  Too many times law enforcement is being told to “stand down” by mayors who fear political repercussions.  Law enforcement is there to protect the public, not babysit the public.  I do not agree with or condone the beliefs of the Neo-Nazis or the KKK.  I also do not agree that Antifa has the right to destroy property and hurt fellow Americans.  They dress in black and cover their faces so they can’t be recognized for their crimes.  Bad behavior should be called out regardless of who is the guilty party.

The Tump Administration has cancelled the Obama policy of halting the issuance of surplus military equipment to police departments.  Police are often the targets of protests and they must have the right to protect themselves.  Today’s protests are becoming today’s riots.  There seems to be no limits on aggressive actions by modern anarchists.  I do not wish to live in a society where anarchy reigns and law enforcement stands down.  The primary function of government is the safety and security of its citizens.  Any government that fails to do so is illegitimate.

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