One Nation

At a time when Americans are increasingly polarized and divided by categories of politics, race and religion, Hurricane Harvey came to the rescue.  I believed that it would take a crisis to pull us back together as one nation.  Thankfully it wasn’t nuclear war, although that still looms on the horizon.  It was inspiring to see the outpouring of volunteers from Texas itself and other states coming to the aid of fellow Americans.  The federal government is like the Titanic and getting it in motion takes some time.  What we witnessed in Texas was neighbor helping neighbor.  The Cajun Navy from adjoining Louisiana were quick to respond.  Highways into Houston were lined with vehicles from all over the country bringing small boats to help evacuate those in flooded homes.  Texans learned from the mistakes of previous disasters.  There was little warning of the rapidly forming hurricane but Texas and the Administration were prepared as best they could be.   No community could have sustained rainfall of up to 4 feet in two days without massive flooding.  Everyone can agree that citizen respond was overwhelming and heartening at the same time.  Faith in America is still alive despite all the media noise.

The climate change disciples will blame the hurricane on global warming but this storm was trapped over southeast Texas by two high pressure systems that prevented it from moving inland.  Damage from hurricane winds were no worse with Harvey than with previous hurricanes.  The blocking effect of the high pressure fronts allowed Harvey to pull water from the Gulf and dump it on Houston.  There are also those who likely agree with the Tampa University professor who felt that Texas deserved this storm.  Texas not only voted for Trump but it is also one of the leading fossil fuel producers in the country.  The Left wants everyone to believe that fossil fuels are evil and anyone associated with fossil fuels are equally evil.  Harvey is not the result of global warming but rather a set of unusual circumstances.   Texas is resilient and so are Americans when called upon.  America IS at its best when America is at its worst!

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