Under Attack

There appears to be at least one negative story in the media every day about police officers.  Next to Trump, law enforcement seems to be a popular target of the media.  Today the “bad cop” story was on the ER nurse arrested for refusing to draw blood on an unconscious patient.  The police were looking for illicit drugs in the blood of someone responsible for an accident.  Although the nurse was following hospital protocol I can understand police frustration.  Too many times arrests and convictions are blocked by what law enforcement feels are overreaching civil rights and judicial decisions.  Police risk their lives catching bad hombres only to see them released on technicalities.  Police officers perform numerous acts of kindness on a daily basis, but these are largely ignored by the media.  Instead they focus on every mistake made in their line of duty and make it appear that mistakes and misbehavior are common practice.  Police are human and are prone to errors just like everyone else.  The difference is that they are wearing body cameras and dealing with a populace willing to record their every move.  As if their job was not stressful enough, they now have a target on their backs thanks to BLM and antifa

Our law enforcement is asked to perform a wide variety of tasks, many of which are unrelated to their primary role of protecting the public.  We can’t judge our police officers by the negative stories we see in the media.  I was raised to believe the police were my friends and that I should seek them out if in trouble.   We are fortunate to have a police force that for the most part can be trusted to do the right thing.  The golden rule is “obey the law and we have nothing to fear from the police.”








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