DACA Dilemma

President Trump is facing another confrontation with the media and the Left over DACA.  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was created through an Executive Order written by President Obama in June 2012.  With ever increasing numbers of illegals entering the country, the President created a social safety net for children who entered with their families from being deported.  These children did not know they were breaking the law and adopted American culture as its own.  Deporting these individuals would be unfair as they did not enter the U.S. of their own volition.  Under DACA children who entered the U.S. under the age of 16 and lived in the U.S. continuously from June 2007 could be granted “green cards” to work in the U.S. for 2 years.  At the end of that period they could be granted another 2 year extension.  In order to qualify for the program these illegals also had to have completed high school or achieved a GED equivalent or been honorably discharged from the military.  They must also be free of any serious misdemeanors or felony charges.  Employers believe this program has provided a quality pool of workers, who in turn, pay taxes and contribute to society.

President Trump opposed the DACA program and promised to terminate the program in his campaign for president.  He was against it for several reasons: 1) President Obama was legislating by Executive Order, rather than a law passed by Congress, 2) these individuals are here illegally, 3) they are taking jobs from American workers.  The President is under pressure from his voter base to keep his campaign promise and end the program.  At the same time he is under pressure from liberals, and even members of his own party, to continue the program because it the “humane” policy to follow.  I think the wise course for the President would be to “grandfather” those already in the program and extend the current program for 3 months.  The continuation should be predicated on Congress passing immigration reform.  Congress has abdicated its role in passing laws and as a result that vacuum has been filled by President Obama and now President Trump.  Polls indicate that Congress has about a 15% approval rating.  My personal opinion would have it much lower (single digits).  DACA is another land mine for the President, but if he handles this well, he could come out a winner and force Congress to make the difficult immigration choices.  If Congress doesn’t start doing its job the 2018 elections will be a blood bath!

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