No Turning Back

North Korea claims to have tested a thermonuclear bomb, better known as an H-bomb.  This type of bomb is far more destructive and dangerous than a typical “nuke” which uses nuclear fission to release energy.   It is believed that our own sun is actually a large thermonuclear reaction.  For once the North Koreans are likely telling the truth because the underground explosion created a 6.3 level earthquake in the region.  The explosion even triggered a secondary earthquake.  If anyone did not take Kim Jong Un seriously up to this point, they need to take him seriously now.  The President has used some tough-talking language recently while the Secretaries of Defense and State have said that diplomacy is still an option.  The media wants everyone to believe that the Trump Team is not on the same page with respect to NK.  I feel that the Administration is simply “hoping for the best” while considering the “worst” options.  Plus by sending different signals to Kim they are not disclosing their true plans.  Until NK launches a nuclear-tipped missile in our direction, the diplomatic option does remain viable.  Unfortunately Kim does not appear to act rationally and we must be prepared for anything.

China and Russia are unwilling to take the forceful steps that could obtain a peaceful resolution.  North Korea is totally dependent on imports for food and energy (oil and natural gas) with coal, fish and human labor being their chief exports.  If China cooperated with us NK could be economically and financially strangled to death.  Perhaps both China and Russia want our attention focused on NK so these two military adversaries could continue their expansive acts in the South China Sea and Eastern Europe respectively.   I have always believed that we can’t trust Russia, now I believe we can’t trust China either!  The only reason that Kim has been allowed to reach his current nuclear status is the fact that he has China as his “guardian angel” and the vulnerability of South Korea to attack.  At a time when the President should be totally focused on a natural disaster, we have a man-made disaster looming on the horizon that is stealing everyone’s attention.

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